We Do Drone Inspections

In addition to the Clipboard Product, Field Inspections Plus offers drone inspections. Our pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured.

What does that mean?

Our inspections offer drone solutions for construction, agriculture, and various industries, that could significantly reduce costs of many items. Specifically, they can eliminate the need for costly lifts and other equipment in many circumstances. Field Inspections Plus offers different services for all industries including project monitoring on an incremental basis, volume, distance and square footage measuring.

Why Drones?

Drones allow you to view the world from new perspectives never captured before.  They also reduce insurance costs and increase safety due to their ability to reach dangerous places and evaluate situations by providing pictures and other needs without sending a worker up to evaluate. They are also more efficient to help speed up project work. They provide the ability to share information faster because we can provide video or pictures of any issues you may encounter first, before the work begins.


Customizable Solutions Include:

Surveys / Civil Survey Designs / Topographic Surveys / Remote Imaging / Employee Safety Monitoring / Crane Inspections / Thermal Inspections / Lines & Maps / Security / Roof Inspections

  We do thermal imaging too

We do thermal imaging too


Multiple Uses Available Through Drones:

Construction sites (elevation, ortho and 3D models)

  • Farm lands (elevation and ortho)
  • Schools (active shooter)
  • College campus
  • Fire damaged properties (thermal images, ortho mapping, pre/post accident)
  • Bridges
  • Power lines inspection
  • Cell phone tower inspection
  • Logging companies (elevation mapping)
  • Insurance companies
    • Home inspections
      • Roof
      • Facade
    • HVAC inspections
    • Satellite
    • Anything on a roof
    • Damage assessments
  • Solar farms
  • Search and rescue (thermal)
  • Marketing content -commercials, advertisements
  • Baseball, football, soccer fields
  • Water towers
  • Shopping malls
  • Boating
    • Depths of rivers and lakes
  • Anything that requires light(s)inspection (building, tower) - night waiver
  • Delivery services
  • Job site safety review
  • Weekly/Monthly Project Fly Over - Video showing site safety compliance in place