Below are just some of the features you'll have 


Project Overview Screen

Magnifying Glass

Display everything needed to know to complete your Project.

  • Project Contacts

  • All Project and Equipment Notes summarized

  • Attachments - add other pdf documents and even add prints* (Brand New for 2018)

  • Quickly run Project Reports by Equipment Groups or All Equipment

  • Quickly add other team members to projects for collaboration

  • Quickly add or delete forms on the fly to any project

  • Deficiency Tracking

  • Automated % of Completion Tracking

  • “View Only” Team members for transparency

Deficiency Tracking

Alert Icon

Create a list of ongoing issues found during your field inspections.  Deficiencies are instantly available for others collaborating with you on the Project.  Sort by status on the deficiency summary screen. Quickly add photo’s to any deficiency using your smartphone or tablet.

Create Standard Forms

Create Document Icon

Customized to your Inspections. Using the Clipboard Master Forms Tab, you can create new forms quickly and easily, controlling all the content.  If you need to alter an existing form to customize for a specific customer, you can copy any existing form and add or take away from the content as needed.  Don’t try to work with templates our competitors give you and don’t conform to your organization's needs. Don’t struggle with Word Documents where margins break or Excel sheets any longer!

Clipboard delivers a quick and easy way to create a library of forms to use daily in your inspections.

Quickly Add Photos

Icon of a camera

Using your smartphone or tablet, to any answer. You can add multiple photos to each answer. Pictures are worth a thousand words, whether you are trying to show a badly clogged Heating or Cooling Coil or want to show a Damper Actuator disconnected, Clipboard allows you to use the Cell Phone or Tablet in your hands to snap a photo and add to any answer, on any form in your Master Library. No longer do you have to email photos to the home office and try to explain what the photo is intended to show and where it’s meant to go in the report. Field Technicians simply take the photos and add it right where it belongs in the report. Cutting out major time lost between office and technician on how to schedule the report.


An icon of a calendar

Ever want an assistant to help you with the schedule? From giving you a quick summary of what projects are coming up, to being able to have a communication email automatically sent to your technician and your customer on when and where to meet?

Clipboard now allows you to control your hectic schedule in one central location. Assign a given number of hours to any project and as your technicians clock in and out your available hours ticks down toward 0.

Get a quick report on which technicians worked where to summarize each week, allowing you to quickly bill the appropriate projects.

Emails to customers can contain a picture of your technician, that allows them to know who to expect, giving your company the look and feel of a National Firm without the GIANT PRICE TAG each month or worse up front!

Calculated Fields

Gear and Play Button

Calculated fields can be built into any of your Clipboard forms. If you are currently using Excel sheets because you want specific formulas to be automated, Clipboard can do that too! All while making sure your final report still looks like a high quality PDF, instead of a excel format pdf. Brake Horse Power, BTUH exchange rates, Air Changes Per Hour are just a few examples of daily TAB formulas you want to incorporate into your forms - Saving Human Error, Return Trips and other lost time possibilities.

Customer Management

Person and Gear

Quickly see how many open or closed projects you have with each customer.  Create contacts associated with each customer and call or email them right from Clipboard, depending on the device you're using*.  Look at how many Active and Closed Projects you are doing for specific clients. Have an area in each client page for notes and collaborate in real time about customer issues or awards.

Offline Mode

No Wifi Icon

On iOS and Android Tablets you ake your projects with you anywhere.  You don’t need Wifi or Cellular to do Inspections.  Download the projects you want to your tablets before leaving the office or home, then work remotely adding deficiencies, photos and get things done no matter the location!

New Features Annually 

Star Icon

Each year Clipboard has reinvested in research and design concepts that improve your user experience.  Our goal is to help you get your Inspections done faster and more efficiently, while looking better and sharper than your competitors final reports.  As we create New Features like the PDF loader and the Upcoming Scheduling TAB, Clipboard works to improve on our product every quarter.

These are just some of the great features that Clipboard will bring to your company. Daily you will find time saving features to help run your business in the field and office. Ask one of our sales representatives for more details on features you may not see above. There are so many we can't list them all here, but you can also download our user guide for all the details of Clipboard and how easy it is to use.