Frequently Asked Questions


Can I import our current client lists into Clipboard?

Yes. If you send us a list of your current clients in excel format we can map the data into Clipboard for you.

Who has access or can see the notes about our customers that appear on the customer overview screen?

Only administrators in your company can see this customer information. Customer notes will neither appear on any reports nor will they be seen by any view-only users.

Can any of my technicians see my customers information?

No. Only Admin and Project Admin level users can see your Customers tab. View Only, Answer Only, Field Technician and Project Foreman CANNOT access your Customers tab.

Will I be charged for a View Only user?

No. Since, View Only users do not exchange large amounts of data (loading pictures, deficiencies, etc,) they do not incur a monthly charge. This is a feature that many of our early subscribers requested. As a result, it was built to support their needs and is included in the subscription.

Why can’t I reactivate a team member that was made inactive?

Once a team member is marked inactive by your company’s space administrator, the system will not allow you to reactivate that team member without contacting support. As a security precaution, Clipboard prohibits the reactivation of accounts without prior written request from the company in question. Because Clipboard doesn’t know the circumstances for the team member’s inactivation, we take every precaution when reactivating an account. Your data security is one of our biggest concerns and we strive to keep it safe for you.

Why can’t I create new team members in offline mode?

Offline mode is not a full version of Clipboard. It’s a utility to the app that was designed mostly to gather data from the field when no Internet or cellular service is available. Because of this, it doesn’t allow for “new user” or “new customer” creation when in offline mode. Those types of activities need to occur during the online mode, using a web browser to access the Company Cloud Space.

Why does the application close when I try to take a photo with my iPad?

A recent bug was discovered on certain iOS devices running firmware version 11.0.3 and newer when using the camera from within the application to upload an image. The issue only occurs when trying to take a new photo. While the Clipboard support team is investigating this issue, a work-around has been identified. Follow these steps to attach an image to an inspection:
• Use the home button to minimize the Clipboard application
• Open iOS Camera
• Capture image (this will save the image to your device library)
• Return to the Clipboard Application
• Choose upload image and select the image from your image via iOS Photo Album

If you have any other issues or concerns please contact us,
consult the user guide below, or check out our video tutorials